Engagement Types

Overarching Definition – Community Outreach and Engagement: All the ways in which the University and the greater community partner to establish a relationship of value, share information and improve the lives of those in Missouri and beyond.


Community Outreach

The application and delivery of institutional resources, knowledge or services that directly benefit the community. Examples include music performances, athletic events, student volunteers, public lectures and health fairs.


Community Engagement

Collaboration between the University and the larger community for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in the context of partnership and reciprocity. It can involve partnerships and coalitions that help activate resources, influence systems and catalyze policy, program and practice changes.


Community-Engaged Scholarship

The creation and dissemination of knowledge and creative expression that furthers the mission and goals of the University in collaboration with the community. Community-engaged scholarship addresses community needs through research, teaching and service in a mutually beneficial partnership. Quality and impact is determined by academic peers and community partners.


Community-Engaged Service

The application of academic and professional expertise that addresses a community-identified need and supports the goals and mission of the University and the community. Community-engaged service may include the delivery of expertise, resources and services to the community.


Community-Engaged Teaching/Learning

An educational approach that connects students and faculty with activities that address community-identified needs through mutually beneficial partnerships that deepen students’ academic and civic learning. Examples are service learning courses or service learning clinical practicum experiences.


Community-Engaged Research

A collaborative process between the researcher and community partner that creates and disseminates knowledge and creative expression with the goal of contributing to the discipline and strengthening the wellbeing of the community. Community-engaged research identifies the assets of all stakeholders and incorporates them in the design and implementation of the different phases of the research process.


Transition Statement: The UM System Office of Engagement and Outreach recognizes and celebrates the engagement that happens organically through daily interactions between the public and each person, unit, department, office and school at all four universities across the system. The Office of Engagement seeks to leverage these interactions and foster even stronger ties with the citizens of Missouri through strategic engagement, which can come in many forms. When we talk about systemwide engagement, it includes, but is not limited to: