Veterans & Military-affiliated Resources

The UM System is committed to the education and ongoing support of Veterans and Military-affiliated personnel. This page serves to give you opportunities to connect with the UM System and other Veterans and Military-affiliated individuals in your community. Check back often for updated events, resources, and ongoing education opportunities near you.

See FAQs for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Within the new Veterans and Military-affiliated section of Community Connect, those who are currently or have previously been affiliated with the armed forces, or someone who has served in the military, will find tailored resources, events, news, and opportunities.

Veterans and Military-affiliated personnel. For more information about enrolling in accredited courses, visit the specific University Admissions sites: Missouri Science and Technology; University of Missouri – Columbia; University of Missouri – Kansas City; and University of Missouri – St. Louis

The process of compiling Veterans and Military-affiliated resources in ongoing. If you are aware of a UM System resource in your community that you believe should be featured, please submit your suggestion through our contact form.

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