Celebration of Nations t-shirt design contest

Calling all amateur artists and designers!

Apply to speak at TEDxMissouriS&T

Speaker applications are open for the TEDx event on the Missouri S&T campus this fall.

Resilient Network of Workforce and Opioid-focused Rural Community-Organizations

Our mission is to go beyond current opioid coalition efforts as we will be purposefully applying organizational science, workforce development strategy, and systems engineering to assist rural communities in developing an R-NetWORC Center to combat OUD.

S&T swimming lessons

S&T swimming team to hold swimming lessons in April

S&T observatory events

The sun, the moon and nebulae- S&T announces observatory events.

Art in Translation’ exhibit – an ekphrasis project between S&T & UMSL

‘Art in Translation’ exhibit — an ekphrasis project between S&T & UMSL

HYPROV: Improv Under Hypnosis

Direct from off-Broadway to Rolla comes HYPROV: Improv Under Hypnosis.

K-12 student tutoring

Kummer Center for STEM Education offers free academic tutoring for K-12 students.

Our Campus. Your Summer Adventure

Have fun, learn new skills and make new friends at Missouri S&T’s 2023 summer camp programs!

Harlem Globetrotters at S&T

Harlem Globetrotters coming to Missouri S&T on April 4, 2023.

Community outreach events

Missouri S&T introduces a new community outreach program designed to raise awareness of the university among community leaders.

Haunted Mine donations help Russell House

Missouri S&T mining engineering students host the annual Haunted Mine fundraiser each October.

Kummer Center for STEM Education

The Kummer Center for STEM Education provides equal access and opportunity to underserved, underrepresented and rural communities in Missouri.

Campus construction moving along

As construction crews continue to make progress on campus, here is a recap of recent changes and an overview of what to expect.

S&T Child Development Center

The Missouri S&T child development center now accepting enrollment.

Geared for Phelps

Geared for Phelps is a collaborative effort to encourage local business growth through innovation.

Business help and support

Helping your business start, grow & succeed

Missouri S&T Protoplex

Manufacturing initiative included in governor’s initial budget

The Arrival District

The Arrival District will provide a front door to S&T

S&T Virtual Campus Tour

Virtually explore the S&T campus

Reimagining S&T’s Campus Footprint

Landmarks, green spaces, roads and walkways are all components of the Arrival District

Missouri Broadband Resource Rail

Whether you are a member of the public, a researcher, a community-based organization, an internet service provider, work in local government or economic development- The Missouri Broadband Resource Rail has the tools to help you.

South Central Regional Professional Development Center

Transforming educators through professional learning, support, and development to maximize student success.

Funding for Broadband

The University of Missouri Broadband Initiative team has created resources to help communities navigate and apply for broadband funding.

State-of-the-Art Equipment Available for Research

New State-of-the-Art Equipment Expands Research Opportunities for Research

Mineral Museum

The S&T Mineral Museum has over 4,599 minerals from over 92 countries. Visitors are always welcomed.

Research Enabled

The Research Enabled portal quickly connects companies to the wealth of expertise and resources at the seven campuses of the University of Missouri and Southern Illinois University systems, to address technical, business, and other research needs of industry and organizations.

UM System Health Care Finder

The new University of Missouri System Health Care Finder online tool is one strand of a statewide Show Me Health and Well-Being initiative that aims to increase Missourians’ access to health care and boost the state’s health care outcomes.

EcoVillage Living Laboratory

Missouri S&T’s EcoVillage is being powered by advanced lead batteries. This living laboratory, which conducts renewable energy research, education and outreach, has been successfully running since 2018 with the support of the Consortium for Battery Innovation.

Missouri S&T Strategic Plan

The Vision 2020 strategic plan will add to Missouri S&T’s ability to attract top students and faculty, improve programs and facilities, enhance student learning experiences and access to world-class faculty, and increase the level and productivity of faculty research and scholarship programs.

Project Lead the Way

Through $250,000 in state funds, Missouri S&T is providing Project Lead the Way grants to school districts in 10 south-central Missouri counties. A total of 41 school districts are eligible for the grants.

Missouri S&T Footprint

Missouri Employees and Retirees


2,537 people employed by Missouri S&T with Missouri S&T salary and retirement income: $100.6 million



6,472 students and 1,665 Pell grant recipients (aid year 2018)

S&T Engagement Contact

Have an Engagement that you’d like to see in your community?  Have a story about an Engagement that you’d like to share?

Missouri University of Science and Technology Impact Report

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2023 {{campusName}} Impact Data Sheets

{{campusName}} Footprint in the {{entries.locationDistrictTypeGeneral | capitalize}} in {{year}}

{{entries.locationDistrictTypeLabel | capitalize}} Summary


  • {{entries[campus].Student}} {{ entries[campus].Student | pluralize("student") }}
  • {{entries[campus].ALUM}} {{ entries[campus].ALUM | pluralize("alumna or alumnus") }}
  • {{entries[campus].EMP}} {{ entries[campus].EMP | pluralize("employee") }}

Fall {{entries.locationDistrictTypeLabel | capitalize}} students


  • {{entries[campus].Student}} {{ entries[campus].Student | pluralize("student") }}

    • {{entries[campus].Student_Ugrad}} {{ entries[campus].Student_Ugrad | pluralize("Undergraduate") }}
    • {{entries[campus].Student_Grad}} {{ entries[campus].Student_Grad | pluralize("Graduate and professional student") }}
    • {{entries[campus].Student_FullTime}} Full-time {{ entries[campus].Student_FullTime | pluralize("student") }}
    • {{entries[campus].Student_PartTime}} Part-time {{ entries[campus].Student_PartTime | pluralize("student") }}
    • {{entries[campus].PELL}} Pell grant {{ entries[campus].PELL | pluralize("recipient") }} (aid year {{year}})

{{entries.locationDistrictTypeLabel | capitalize}} employees and retirees

  • {{entries[campus].EMP}} {{ entries[campus].EMP | pluralize("person") }} employed by {{campusNameAbbr}}

  • {{campusNameAbbr}} salary and retirement income: {{ entries[campus].INCOME | roundToDollar() }}
  • {{campusNameAbbr}} state tax revenue: {{ entries[campus].MO_TAX | roundToDollar() }}
  • {{campusNameAbbr}} federal tax revenue: {{ entries[campus].FED_TAX | roundToDollar() }}

{{entries.locationDistrictTypeLabel | capitalize}} alumni

  • Selected {{campusSuperAbbr}} alumni

    • {{selAlumEntry.value}} {{selAlumEntry.label}}
  • Alumni teaching K-12

    • {{entries[campus].teach_teachers}} {{ entries[campus].teach_teachers | pluralize("teacher") }}
    • {{entries[campus].teach_pct_teachers | roundToInteger() }}% of all district teachers
    • {{entries[campus].teach_admin}} {{ entries[campus].teach_admin | pluralize("principal or administrator") }}
    • {{entries[campus].teach_pct_admin | roundToInteger() }}% of all district principals and administrators
{{entries.locationDistrictTypeLabel | capitalize}} population: {{entries.areapop}} Missouri population: {{entries.areapop}}
Total FY{{fy}} {{campusNameAbbr}} students: {{entries[campus]._All_Students}}

Construction projects

    • {{ entries[campus].const_AMOUNT | roundToDollar() }} remitted to {{entries[campus].const_VENDORS}} {{entries.locationDistrictTypeLabel}} {{ entries[campus].const_VENDORS | pluralize("vendor") }}, for {{entries[campus].const_PROJECTS}} {{ entries[campus].const_PROJECTS | pluralize("project") }}

Health services provided

    • {{entries.UMHC.patients}} in-state {{ entries.UMHC.patients | pluralize("patient") }} seen at UM Health Care, with {{entries.UMHC.uncompensatedcare | roundToDollar}} of uncompensated care
    • {{entries.UMSL.patients}} in-state {{ entries.UMSL.patients | pluralize("patient") }} seen at UMSL Center for Eye Care with a statewide average of {{entries.UMSL.perpatient}} per patient in uncompensated care
    • {{entries.UMKC.patients}} in-state {{ entries.UMKC.patients | pluralize("patient") }} seen at UMKC School of Dentistry with a statewide average of {{entries.UMKC.perpatient}} per patient in uncompensated care
    • In FY{{fy}}, University of Missouri Health Care's Missouri Telehealth Network recorded {{entries.telehealthnumberofvisits}} {{ entries.telehealthnumberofvisits | pluralize("visit") }}

UM System properties and offices

  • {{universityProperties}}

Extension services provided

    • {{entries.extContactsExtension_EdContacts}} Total educational {{ entries.extContactsExtension_EdContacts | pluralize("contact") }} from MU Extension to residents of {{locationDistrictTypeNumd}}, including:
      • {{entries.extContactsAgriculture_Environment}} {{ entries.extContactsAgriculture_Environment | pluralize("contact") }} related to productive farming, better gardening, and managing natural resources
      • {{entries.extContactsYouth_Families}} {{ entries.extContactsYouth_Families | pluralize("contact") }} related to healthy eating and aging, strengthening families, personal finance, or youth development
      • {{entries.extContactsBusiness_Communities}} {{ entries.extContactsBusiness_Communities | pluralize("contact") }} related to starting businesses, developing community leaders, or renewing the local economy
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2023 UM Systemwide Impact Data Sheets


UM System Statewide Footprint

Economic and Community Development Highlights

  • In 2020, Business Development Specialists worked with small businesses and entrepreneurs statewide to create or retain 60,569 jobs.
  • $3.1billion

    For every dollar invested from 2019 to 2021, the MU Extension Business Development Program has returned $133 in economic impact for its clients by increasing sales more than $1.6 billion. For a total impact of $3.1 billion, the program has generated more than 37,000 jobs and attracted nearly $451 million in capital investments and $1.5 billion in government contracts.

  • Between FY16 and FY21, UM System brought Missouri more than $1.36 billion in federal and private research funds, funded primarily from outside the state, but spent within the state.
  • In FY{{fy}}, UM System was issued 31 patents and filed 63 new U.S. patent applications.

  • In FY{{fy}}, the UM System awarded 504 design and construction project contracts throughout Missouri, for a total investment of $132.1 million in the state.
  • In FY22, to improve access to medical and health related services, MU Health Care’s Missouri Telehealth Network’s Show-Me ECHO program provided 22,638 hrs of case-based instruction to 2,778 learners located in 109 of 114 Missouri counties and the city of St. Louis.

Education and Training Provided

  • 50,837 police, fire fighters, and medical professionals attending continuing education (2021)
  • Agriculture and natural resource programs served 101,822 farmers and related businesses (2021)
  • 226,239 youth and stakeholder educational contacts in 4-H clubs, schools, camps and other programs (2021)

Education Highlights

  • FY22 Financial Aid Awards

    In FY{{fy}}, 67.6% of the UM System’s 82,014 students received financial aid totaling $966.5 million

    27,407 students receiving financial aid
    $529.3M financial aid awarded
    11,910 students receiving financial aid
    $204.7M financial aid awarded
    Missouri S&T
    6,853 students receiving financial aid
    $122.1M financial aid awarded
    9,236 students receiving financial aid
    $110.4M financial aid awarded
  • UM System’s MOREnet (Missouri Research and Education Network) provides internet connectivity, access, support and training to 58 higher education institutions (239,000 students), 487 K-12 school districts (827,000 students) and 135 public libraries (serving nearly 3 million Missourians) in {{year - 1}}.

  • UM System awarded 51.5% of the 29,448 Bachelor’s or higher degrees awarded by Missouri four-year public institutions in 2021-22.
  • UM System awarded 38.5% of the 1,856 research doctorates and 26.8% of the 3,662 professional doctorates awarded by Missouri public and not-for-profit private institutions in 2021-22.
  • In FY{{fy}}, UM System’s $42.0 million in National Science Foundation (NSF) grants represented 90.5% of all NSF grants made to Missouri public colleges and universities.

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S&T Students Providing Project Management Services

Students in Dr. Joan Schuman’s Introduction to Project Management course provide project management services to small, rural communities.

Missouri Local Training and Resource Center

The Missouri Local Training and Resource Center provides training and education for Missouri communities to help them improve the quality and safety of their roads, bridges and highways.

UM System Map

Explore UM System properties, Extension offices, hospitals and Presidential Engagement Fellows statewide

All Things Missouri

All Things Missouri is a gateway to maps, data, reports, and resources to help better understand community needs and allocate resources

Missouri University of Science and Technology

Welcome to Missouri University of Science and Technology’s Engagement Portal.

Established in 1870 as a part of Missouri’s first land-grant universities, Missouri S&T has a long history of achievement and success, providing students with high-quality, hands on educational experiences and society with high-impact, relevant research. Our state faces numerous daunting challenges in education, technological innovation, health and wellness, business and economics, infrastructure, workforce development, and many more areas. 

At Missouri S&T, we understand our responsibility to help solve these challenges, and recognize that the work done on our campus benefits not only current students, but also public- and private-sector partners, national laboratories, national security interests, K-12 educators and their students, and Missourians from all walks of life.