UNIVERCITIES EXCHANGE: Urban Public Transit- A Complex Route To Equity

UniverCities Exchange, an ongoing collaborative project between UMKC and UMSL, gathers community leadership alongside academic expertise to discuss problems and possible solutions to issues affecting the Kansas City and St. Louis Metro Areas.

Great Decisions Speaker Series: Industrial Policy

Will a more involved U.S. government help the economy revive?

Great Decisions Speaker Series: Biden’s Agenda

How will the Biden administration treat foreign policy, among other policies, differently from the last?

Chalk With Us

Students and faculty from the Honors College celebrate Women’s history month with a chalking event on campus. Over 150 names of women and their notable accomplishment from 1765- present are chalked throughout campus in their memory.

Acapellooza Summer Camp

Acappellooza Summer is an acappella music summer camp held at UMSL for students in grades 9-12.

Bridge to the ACT

UMSL Bridge Program virtual “Bridge to the ACT” Summer Intensive is a week-long Summer workshop for rising high school seniors.

Bridge Program Summer Academy

The UMSL Bridge Summer Academy offers academic enrichment courses in mathematics, science, written and oral communication, career research, personal and professional development and activities that support college planning.

Succeed Summer Enrichment Camp 2022

The Succeed Summer Enrichment Camp is an overnight camp that provides young adults the Succeed college experience. Campers will utilize meal plans, stay in UMSL residence halls overnight, take various academic workshops, complete vocational training, and engage in recreational and traditional camp activities on campus.

GWP Conference on Writing

GWP is an organization of, by, and for teachers of writing. We know that when given time, teachers embrace learning from each other. This conference is designed for just that…teachers learning with and from teachers.

Great Decisions Speaker Series – Changing Demographics

How will changing demographics impact a variety of topics ranging from development to sustainability?